Mercedes Unicorns Part III – A Trio of Affordable CL550 Coupes (C216)

The CL550 is an enigma to me.  Built on an S-class platform but heavier, no B-pillar, nice curves, just enough horsepower at 382, and 5 second 0-60mph times.  But I’ve never sat in one let alone taken a spin and not sure why I’m not jumping at one of the bargains below.  Perhaps because I saw a raging CL63 AMG appear and vanish on the CarMax website in about 20 minutes last spring, never to return again.  Maybe I’m waiting on a V12 CL600?  One thing I know is they are rare.  I’ve spotted only two in Northern Virginia in the past year. Listing for over $100,000 when new they meet my “I got a deal!” standard.

Car and Driver 2007 CL Review

2008 CL550 $22,998 54kThis 2008 car stunned me.  The few CL550’s that surface have always been in the $30,000 and up range and left me wondering about spending that much on a 10-year-old car.  Other than rare and luxurious I wasn’t sold.  But at $22,998 I am shocked.   An LA car with Bluetooth and rear view camera, not to mention Distonic.  Smoker car I’m wondering?  It’s about $10,000 less than its peers.  Usually when I see a car this far below the others I smell a rat.  They pop up and vanish quickly and I wonder if a deal was cut before the car came to market but CarMax has to bring it online to sell?  Who knows?  Grab it. It will be gone by this weekend.

This pair of CL550’s are also unicorn bargains.  Low mileage and under $30,000.  What is it about 2010 cars feeling newer just because they are in the current decade, where year-older 2009 cars seem primitive?  Well equipped and no quibbles – with well under 50,000 miles means a minimum of 75,000 mile MaxCare warranty is available.  Pair 9-26

CarMax Links to Above (if dead cars are sold, hold, or in transfer):

2007 Mercedes CL550

2009 Mercedes CL550

However, be aware the 2009 is lingering on the lot for some reason. It opened at $32,998, dropped to $31,998 and is now at $29,998.  Been on the lot over a month.  Perhaps Mercedes experts know best on these cars?2009 CL550 Price Plummet