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Chuck Banks
CarMax Unicorn Hunter

Why a CarMax blog? Here’s the short version – the details are in the pages above.  I was surprised to find that CarMax carries real driver’s cars, enthusiast’s cars, and has them at decent (for me) prices, with reasonable mileage, and offers spectacular extended bumper-to-bumper warranties that makes owning these cars affordable.  I call them “CarMax Unicorns”.  I am not affiliated in any way with CarMax and I suspect I’m one of their worst customers.



In 2013 I bought a 2004 Mercedes S55 AMG beast (Guenther) with 49,500 miles for $20,599 and a five-year warranty for $3,549. The MaxCare warranty was good until 100,000 miles.  Who does that? It was a great investment as CarMax completed over $35,000 in repairs and I didn’t pay a nickel.  When it was time to replace Guenther I started a new CarMax search.  And I’ve found so many CarMax unicorns, and I’ve learned so much about how to catch them, I felt the need to share.  This is my first blog and I welcome suggestions on the hunt, and the blog.  I’d also love to hear your stories if you’ve bagged a CarMax unicorn.  Thanks for stopping by – Chuck.