The Best Sales Rep Ever-Si Sultan, CarMax President’s Club-Dulles, VA

123951Meet Si Sultan, the CarMax sales rep and gentleman who patiently assisted me over 15 months to find Etta, and tolerated my ever-changing preferences (“I want a hot sports car, no I want a hot sedan, no I really want a sports car but not this one…..”.   The whole long story of my search for a second unicorn is chronicled here.  Si is President’s Club, Platinum level for a reason.

Si probably should have fired me as a customer several times, especially when I held cars under multiple names at multiple lots and didn’t tell him in order to protect him and to keep him from being complicit with CarMax.  When the Mercedes E63 I bought melted down he supported me using the CarMax  5-day return policy, no questions asked.  As far as I can remember, I transferred in a BMW M5, Jaguar XKR, Mercedes E63, Mercedes S600, BMW 550i, Porsche 911, Mercedes CL550, another Jaguar XKR, and finally another Porsche 911 from Los Angeles, which I bought.  I put cars on hold in Chicago, Boston, Portland, Atlanta, Albuquerque, San Diego, Richmond, Baltimore and Philadelphia.  I traveled to Raleigh to see a Jaguar that wouldn’t start and I had previously rejected in Baltimore.  I went to Philadelphia to drive a cheap BMW M6 that I rue to this day.  I flew to Los Angeles to make sure the 2008 Porsche 911 was what I wanted, then had it shipped back.  Sadly, that meant Si had to split the commission with the sale rep there.  Still bummed about that.  Go see him if you need a car.  He’s at the Dulles, Virginia CarMax, just outside Washington DC.  You can find him at or 219-677-8946.

Si – this drive is for you: