Meet Etta – Guenther’s Successor and My Second Unicorn!

Finally my 15 month search for my second unicorn is over!  Last night I bought Etta, a 2008 Porsche 911 Carrera.  Found her on a CarMax lot in Los Angeles – $36,998 and 34,000 miles.  Flew out in December to drive and I liked it – but the car did not have Bluetooth or Navigation as advertised.  Before I could get indignant, they dropped the price to $34,998.  I was in.  Had planned to buy the car and leave it behind, but had concerns about Virginia inspection a month later if that became my responsibility and not CarMax’s (there are inspection items that are not warranty items), and so I instead paid the $940 to have it transferred east.  It took about a month and last night I bought it and brought it home.  Paid another $3,000 for the warranty so out the door for $39,998 with taxes.  Base model, nothing fancy, automatic (it’s my commuter car), and ridiculously clean and unmolested.  Unfortunately, I am almost $5,000 over my unicorn budget but this is only the second 911 I’ve seen over the past year selling under $35,000 before taxes and MaxCare warranty (and I snagged both of them!) so no point in waiting longer for a cheaper one.  It’s now or never.  I love it.  Etta

2008 911 Ad


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