Mercedes Unicorns – Twins and Triplets From $20,000 – Part I – Three E-Class Sedans (W211)

Too many Mercedes unicorns to cover in one post so let’s start with three E-class units on the lot as of late August 2017.   Focusing on the 2007-2009 E550 and E63 because they are affordable and few.  There are countless 2010-2011’s out there with the newer body but no more horsepower.  The 2012 and above E-class cars have the higher horsepower (402 vs 382) with far more amenities and are starting to become available in unicorn territory ($35,000 or less with 60,000 miles or less).

2007 E550 $20,998 23kAt the low end is this 2007 E550 with only 23,000 miles in Florida.  Something about the softer lines of the W211 that appeal to me.   Adjustable suspension, heated and air conditioned seats, but no Bluetooth or rear view camera.  Add a 100,000 mile warranty and you’ve got the basics of a daily driver for years to come and at $20,998 seems cheap.   Surprised it has lasted a week on the lot.

2007 E63 $26,998 49kBut wait!  For just $6,000 more you can grab the same car that spent its evenings and weekends at the gym.  This E63 in San Antonio gets you 125 hp more and tons of suspension upgrades at a bargain price.  And…the warranty!  Own an old fashioned race car for Camry prices.  Although it’s double the mileage, I think you could grab this car for just over $30,000 with the 100,000 mile warranty.  Most CarMax E63’s are late model $40,000 and up.  I bought a rare 2010 E63 from CarMax for $29,998 and haven’t seem one like it since.  The only thing that keeps me from going after this one is it is just too similar to the S55 I just sold.

2009 E63 $32,998 40kBut don’t head to San Antonio just yet (horrible news on hurricane Harvey – hang in there Texas!).  Back in Fort Lauderdale there’s a newer E63 with just a few more amenities – panoramic sunroof and Bluetooth.  Beautiful high performance car with only 40,000 miles.  At $32,998 not sure it brings that much more to the street for $6,000 than the 2007 model above – maybe Mercedes experts can share why the bump?  That $6,000 would easily cover the MaxCare warranty for the 2007.  But what a pretty car.  I haven’t spotted a W211 E63 in the Northern Virginia area….ever!