Cool Cats – Jaguars Across the USA for $18-33k, Including an XKR!

Let’s start with the Jaguar unicorn ($35,000 or less, 60,000 miles or less) that got away not once but twice.  You can find the details in the search for my next car here   but I’ve found two 2010 Jaguar XKR’s with low mileage, under $33,000, and wimped out both times.  This is the car that I rue regularly.  I’ve added the CarMax purchase order and MaxCare warranty at the bottom of this post so you can see how a deal might look.

But in the meantime, the search continues and I’ve tracked the cars below that I hope are of interest to you.  Today there are 101 Jaguars on CarMax lots nationwide and 14 of them meet my unicorn standards – and have V8’s.  I’ve included a pair of XJ’s, a quad of XF’s, a lonely XKR, and a few cars that were once on the market and gone….for now.  I started the post last night and this morning the XF and XKR are gone.  While editing this morning this ridiculously low-mileage  2010 XK   surfaced in Las Vegas.   I welcome suggestions on making this more relevant for the reader, and please sign up at the bottom if you’d like updates. Continue reading “Cool Cats – Jaguars Across the USA for $18-33k, Including an XKR!”

BMW Unicorns – $24,000 M6’s, $30,000 750’s, and Other Highs and Lows from Munich.

2007 M6I just passed on the $23,998 2007 M6  above with 44,000 miles and wondering if I blew it.  Not often you get a chance at a unicorn  like this.  Even with a $6,400 MaxCare warranty to cover me for five years and up to 100,000 miles, this was a good deal.  But even though the V10 revving to 8,000 rpm made me silly, the suspension beat the hell our of me much as the M5 did on a test drive last year, so I opted out for my daily commuter.  Mistake?  I don’t know.  It vanished from the internet within minutes of me releasing my hold.  I documented the car when it was in NJ before it moved to VA, and you can only see the price from my appointment confirmation. 9/22/2017 Update – I just passed on this car a second time.  It resurfaced in Maple Shade, NJ and I went and drove it.  Fantastic car – no blemishes.  Finally learned to soften the suspension and I think I could get used to the double-clutching automatic.  Sales rep showed me the CarFax – car spent its life in Georgia for the most part and bizarrely, its last 16 months in my town in Virginia.  Intrigued.  BUT…while it has Bluetooth it’s voice only – no music, and virtually no modern infotainment.  Picky, but I passed.  Would have been $31,000 out the door with five-year warranty.   Sigh.  

2007 M6 $24,998 52k

Take comfort, as of this writing the convertible M6 at left was still available!

So check out these other BMW’s available below for cheap on CarMax.  I picked the highest and lowest priced of about a half-dozen or more enthusiast cars and I could own almost any one of them as a daily driver!


Let’s start with almost everybody’s favorite sports coupe, the M3.  CarMax has 29 of them on the lot as of early September 2017, some as low as $26,998 but stupid high mileage, and a 2017 for $66,000 (and a Frozen Limited Edition for $47k – what the hell is that?).  But in our unicorn world of $35,000 or less and 60,000 miles or less Continue reading “BMW Unicorns – $24,000 M6’s, $30,000 750’s, and Other Highs and Lows from Munich.”