Cool Cats – Jaguars Across the USA for $18-33k, Including an XKR!

Let’s start with the Jaguar unicorn ($35,000 or less, 60,000 miles or less) that got away not once but twice.  You can find the details in the search for my next car here   but I’ve found two 2010 Jaguar XKR’s with low mileage, under $33,000, and wimped out both times.  This is the car that I rue regularly.  I’ve added the CarMax purchase order and MaxCare warranty at the bottom of this post so you can see how a deal might look.

But in the meantime, the search continues and I’ve tracked the cars below that I hope are of interest to you.  Today there are 101 Jaguars on CarMax lots nationwide and 14 of them meet my unicorn standards – and have V8’s.  I’ve included a pair of XJ’s, a quad of XF’s, a lonely XKR, and a few cars that were once on the market and gone….for now.  I started the post last night and this morning the XF and XKR are gone.  While editing this morning this ridiculously low-mileage  2010 XK   surfaced in Las Vegas.   I welcome suggestions on making this more relevant for the reader, and please sign up at the bottom if you’d like updates.

The XJ L: Executive Transport

The XJ’s.  Both under $35,000 and yet the pretty blue one on the right has low enough mileage you could get away with a less expensive five-year warranty capped at 50,000 or 75,000 (odometer) miles and have years of easy driving. I’ve seen XJ’s as low as $28k and even an XJ Supercharged for under $35k.

CarMax Links (if dead the cars are being transferred or sold):

2012 Jaguar XJ L Portfolio – Los Angeles

2011 Jaguar XJ L – Denver

The XF: A Gentleman’s Sedan at Camry Prices.

Three supercharged XF’s under $32,000, with 470 hp and the same interior as the XK. Here’s the value of saving and tracking cars. The Tennessee car (bottom left) was listed at $31,998 in August with 46,000 miles. In September it’s down to $29,998 and 53,000 miles and relocated to Cool Springs from Nashville (bottom right). Was it sold and returned (believe the five-day return policy wouldn’t cover this) or a take home car for a sales rep? Would want to know before buying.

CarMax Links (if dead the cars are being transferred or sold):

2013 Jaguar XF Supercharged – Las Vegas

2013 Jaguar XF Supercharged – San Francisco

2013 Jaguar XF Supercharged – Nashville

Outliers: A Cheap XKR Convertible and Cheaper XF V8!

When I started this post both cars were available. Today they are not. The XKR surfaced evening of 9/13 with no photo and about midnight the photo was added and I captured the shot. But by morning it is off the web. Including it as current because there’s a slim chance someone like me put a hold on it and will need to go see it within seven days. But XKR’s under $30,000, even the 4.2 liter ones, go fast so this may not return. I’ll keep you posted. At the other end of the spectrum is a low mileage XF V8 priced below used Hondas and way more luxurious.

XK and XKR Bonus Tips – 1) CarMax almost always lists XK’s as having sunroofs, even convertibles, and they don’t.  As far as I can tell they never did.  CarMax refunded my transfer payment when my very first XKR arrived and it was a bit claustrophobic.  Didn’t know how I missed it not having a sunroof, then I learned it was listed with one.  They promptly refunded my money.  2) Perhaps Jaguar experts will know why, as I don’t, but pre-2012 XKR’s show up in the XK category on the CarMax website, and 2012 and newer XKR’s show up in the proper XKR category.  Only matters if you have your heart set on an XKR and only search there – you will miss the 2011 and older ones!

The Rare Ones That Got Away

I’m amazed that CarMax still carries these beautiful classics. I gave them both serious consideration because of their elegance, price, and the fact that I could warranty them up to 100,000 miles for the next five years. When XJ8’s surface they are gone within days. I’m keeping an eye out for more.
No tawdry comments about cheap and topless, although these XK’s are both. Convertible XK’s are usually available at far lower prices than hard tops. That said, I love XK’s because of the sleek lines and the convertible, with top up, ruins that for me. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

My XKR Purchase Order and MaxCare Samples

In retrospect……..I should have pulled the trigger.


This is the MaxCare plan for the second XKR I transferred in to my CarMax and got cold feet. Maybe third time’s a charm?

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  1. I found your blog through your posts on the XK forums. Carmax is inconsistent with how they list XKR’s. Sometimes it is “XK R” (with a space) and sometime “XKR” with no space. searching for one will not pull up the others. For special models, the consistency is even worse (i.e. “XK-RS” vs “XKRS” vs “XKR-S” vs “XK RS”). Don’t even get me started on the XKR-S GT possibilities!

    So when searching for an XK and all of its variants on the Carmax website, it is best to look up “Jaguar” and then select coupe or convertible, then uncheck the F-Type box. That will leave you will all of the XK variants.

    Good luck with your purchase! One warning: use a sun shade on hot days. The leather dash in these cars (especially the dark colors) are notorious for pulling/shrinking. Jag makes a really nice custom fit one with an insulation board in it for about $60 bucks. Check the dash really well before buying, and make sure there isn’t already any warping/pulling/shrinking. Other than that, these cars are great!

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