Mercedes Unicorns – Part IV – A Pair of C63 AMG (W204) Badass Sedans

The C63 AMG scares me.  No illusions of an executive or grown up enthusiast car.  Like the BMW M3 it’s bred to be driven hard.  There’s risk of getting a reckless driving charge in a drive through Chik-Fil-A.  Over $63,000 new (my unicorns) and with 451hp, adjustable (meaning race car) suspension, and per Mercedes the first AMG designed from the ground up to be an AMG vice adding high performance parts to a C-Class, it’s quite special.  I’ve tracked them for almost a year and like the M3, they are always available on CarMax lots.  There are eight on the lots as of late August 2017.  That said, they are often very, very expensive, or if they make my $35,000 cutoff they are very high mileage.  But generally I can find a couple that are sub-50,000 miles and around $30,000.  Car and Driver C63 Review

The C63 twins below are nearly identical.  The 2010 is a bit newer, a bit cheaper, and about the same miles.  One is in Daytona Beach and the other Fort Myers.  Today the Fort Myers car vanished but it may return.  If you owned one you could make it between these Florida cities in the same day!  But then you really wouldn’t need one, would you?

Click the image to check them out. These are pretty cool.