Mercedes Unicorns Part V – Twin SLK AMG Roadsters – Corvette Fast (R171)

I’m too tall for the SLK55 AMG and I already have a convertible roadster.  Otherwise I can’t imagine a more fun little Mercedes than this.  With a normally aspirated 5.4 liter V8 and “only” 355hp it still scoots to 60 in 4-plus seconds.  And it’s got that mean AMG look.  And it’s cheap.  And it’s a hard top convertible which means no luggage room, but who cares?  This is a weekend windy road to the winery car or the perfect commuter.  CarMax carries about 20 SLK’s nationwide as of late August 2017, and sure you can pay more for a 201hp SLK250 or the 301hp SLK350 but why would you?

Car and Driver SLK55 Review

As I write, only the Burbank SLK55 AMG remains on the lot – someone swiped the Milwaukee car as I typed.  It may be back.  One never knows.  I’ve had cars vanish for weeks while being transported to another dealer.  Stay tuned.  The one that remains is still a good deal with higher miles and low price – and the 100,000 mile warranty will be the starting point.  But they sure do look like twins to me!

Pair of SLK 9-26