By Special Request – A Buick…or Two

Pleased to have reader David Masini bring this to my attention.   Because my CarMax Unicorns are normally limited to 60,000 miles or less, and $35,000 or less for very well thought out reasons (all my wife agreed I could spend on my next car), this car evaded my search.  But David pointed out this Buick LaCrosse Super has a 5.3l LS4 engine and was one of the last “performance” Buicks since the GNX.  Car And Driver thought so, too.  With 300hp, a 5.7 sec 0-60, and alleged 156 mph top speed it sounds like a nice sleeper sedan for $8,998.  The MaxCare warranty is probably not a whole lot and get’s you another 22,000 miles of free repairs, but I would probably roll the dice and go naked on this one. What could go wrong with an LS4?  Find the car here  in Louisville, KY.  If the link is dead it’s sold/on hold/being transferred.

2008 Buick LaCrosse Super


2008 Buick Lucerne CXS
Meets the Unicorn criteria, from a price & mileage perspective, &has a V8, but not terribly exciting. How much can you expect from 275hp?