1 of 500..and 500hp – BMW Alpina B7 Beast

B7Who would of thought CarMax would carry these autobahn cruise missiles, and offer a five year 100,000 mile bumper-to-bumper MaxCare warranty?! Well, other than me.  The BMW Alpina B7 is in lieu of an M7, with the engine hand-built by Alpina in Bavaria.  The car sold for about $130,000 new and only 500 were slated for the US market in 2011.  You can have it for $39,998.  Stiffer suspension, 100 more hp than a 750, bigger wheels, and just more style. I usually cap my unicorns at $35,000, but this one is just a bit more and a bit rare.  It’s a two-owner Texas/California car with low miles.  Here’s the Car and Driver review from 2011, and here’s the CarMax ad – the car is in LA.  If the link is dead, the car is sold, on hold, or being transferred.2011 Alpina B7

2008 Mercedes CL63 AMG for $30,998 – $138,000 when new!

Love these big coupes, their 518hp engines, and exclusivity.  One of 1,476 made in 2008.  I love depreciation, too!  Here’s the 2008 review from Automobile magazine.  Beautiful car and with the MaxCare warranty you can get another 100,000 miles and five years of worry-free driving.  Here’s the CarMax link – find it in Atlanta, Georgia.  I think this goes in days.  Added some sample MaxCare menus at the bottom at a reader’s request.  Thanks.2008 CL63



Yes it’s ugly, but it’s also slow! Low mile 2007 Grand Marquis with grandpa roof

Generally convertibles are ugly with the top up.  I have never understood why anyone would want a hard top to look like a hideous, top-up convertible all the time.  The worst of both worlds.  But with the Grand Marquis you also get a bench seat, column shifter, and a V8 with a whopping 224 hp for less than $12,000!  But it’s a clean 11 year old, two owner Florida car driven maybe 3,000 miles a year.  And CarMax will sell you a warranty into 2023 and another 100,000 miles!  Would make a great Father’s Day gift for somebody?  If I had money, I tell you what I’d do……2007 Mercury $11,998 36k

Badass Blazer….But High-Mileage. 2006 TrailBlazer SS for $15,998 in Newark

We had an inch of snow so for fun went looking for some trucks.  This one’s only 2WD but has the 6.0 liter 395hp motor and a cheap price.  With 108k miles (violates my unicorn  policy) you can still get five years, and another 42,000 miles of MaxCare coverage – not bad for a 12 year old truck?  The link is here.  Continue reading “Badass Blazer….But High-Mileage. 2006 TrailBlazer SS for $15,998 in Newark”

Mercedes S600 V12 – $29,998. Giving Me A Tough Case of Buyer’s Remorse

Ugh.  The one that got away?  I snagged this unicorn when it first popped at my local CarMax, held it under several names, and actually went in to buy it last month.   It was priced at $30,998.  Has everything.  Designo interior.  Over 500 hp.  Night Vision! Was over $150,000 new.  One owner.  But my wife pointed out I can always get a big sedan.  And CarMAx refused to replace a gouged tire.  And I’ve wanted a sports car so instead I bought a 911 last week.  Love the 911, but jeez – this big V12 haunts me.   It’s up in Boston and dropped $1,000 since I passed.  Link here.  Somebody buy it so I can stop thinking about it. S600

2008 Jaguar XJ8 – The Last of My Kind

Stole the title from Jason Isbell’s song.  This Jaguar has less than 3,000 miles annually, all in the Chicago area, a decent V8, and is one of about 44,000 made (X350 model I believe but no Jaguar expert).  I can’t find a more plush cruiser for $21k.  I considered one of these as there are very, very few carried by CarMax (one every few months) and the five year bumper to bumper warranty made me worry less about reliability, but my wife and daughter decreed it an old man’s car.  But what a nice ride.  Car makes me want to put a rod from coat hanger to coat hanger in the back seat, hang my wardrobe, and drive to Florida.  2008 Jaguar XJ8 Van Den Plas $20,998 27,000 miles

A Curious Cat – Baby Jaguar with a V8, Low Miles and Low Price

CarMax occasionally offers a Jaguar XJ8 and these S-Types at low prices.  The magic remains the MaxCare warranty……don’t care how unreliable it is if I’m not paying for repairs. Wasn’t a fan of the S-Type but it’s an unusual, clean little sedan with a 300hp V8 that spent 10 years in Illinois driving 3,000 miles a year before moving to Florida in December.  Here’s the link if interested – if the link is dead it’s on hold/sold/being transferred.

2007 Jaguar S-Type $14,998 35k

By Special Request – A Buick…or Two

Pleased to have reader David Masini bring this to my attention.   Because my CarMax Unicorns are normally limited to 60,000 miles or less, and $35,000 or less for very well thought out reasons (all my wife agreed I could spend on my next car), this car evaded my search.  But David pointed out this Buick LaCrosse Super has a 5.3l LS4 engine and was one of the last “performance” Buicks since the GNX.  Car And Driver thought so, too.  With 300hp, a 5.7 sec 0-60, and alleged 156 mph top speed it sounds like a nice sleeper sedan for $8,998.  The MaxCare warranty is probably not a whole lot and get’s you another 22,000 miles of free repairs, but I would probably roll the dice and go naked on this one. What could go wrong with an LS4?  Find the car here  in Louisville, KY.  If the link is dead it’s sold/on hold/being transferred.

2008 Buick LaCrosse Super


2008 Buick Lucerne CXS
Meets the Unicorn criteria, from a price & mileage perspective, &has a V8, but not terribly exciting. How much can you expect from 275hp?

Prices Dropping? Unusual Number of Unicorn Alerts

Over the past 24 hours I’ve gotten emails alerting me to price reductions on five of the 43 cars* I have saved in my CarMax profile.  Not a lot – $601 per car, but in the year I’ve been tracking unicorns I’ve never gotten this many.  Curious….New Year’s sale (CarMax doesn’t do sales) or is this related to the massive increase in inventory I blogged about last month ( The $577 Million Car Loan and Other Fascinating CarMax “Analytics” ) .

*I have 110 cars in my profile but many are listed as “No Longer Available”.  I keep them because more than a few resurface in another city, or even a few have been sold back to CarMax and show up back on the market.  That’s how I knew the 2010 Jaguar XKR I declined in January 2017 sold in Maryland, and was traded in and offered again in Virginia in December for $1,000 more than last year!

Here’s the unicorns I’ve been alerted to today:

Mustang GT Price Drop

$17,998 – Stupid Low Mileage 2006 Mustang GT

 Link – If Dead Car Sold/Hold/Transferred

VW EOS Price Drop

$12,599 – Rare 250hp V6 VW EOS

CarMax Link – If Dead Car Sold/Hold/Transfer

PT Price Drop

$10,599 Low Mileage Retro Cruiser 

CarMax Link – If Dead Car Is Sold/Hold/Transferred

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