Badass Blazer….But High-Mileage. 2006 TrailBlazer SS for $15,998 in Newark

We had an inch of snow so for fun went looking for some trucks.  This one’s only 2WD but has the 6.0 liter 395hp motor and a cheap price.  With 108k miles (violates my unicorn  policy) you can still get five years, and another 42,000 miles of MaxCare coverage – not bad for a 12 year old truck?  The link is here.  By the way….love this quote from a GM exec back when Car and Driver reviewed the truck:    “At every new-car intro, one scribe or another always asks, “Who do you expect will buy this car?” It’s a stupid question, like asking Henry Kissinger if he thinks the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will go all the way this year. But this time, a don’t-use-my-name GM marketing type replied: “It’s gonna be a mid-30s guy with a wife and two kids, and he’ll tell the missus they need a practical, run-of-the-mill SUV that will tow the boat, and she’s gonna like the sound of a Chevy, nothing fancy. And he’ll come home with an SS and never once tell her it’s a hot rod, and because of how the thing looks and drives, she’ll never know. Bingo-everybody’s happy.” Go ahead and cry “sexist pig,” but we think he’s right.

2006 TrailBlazer