Mercedes Unicorns – Part IX: The So Not a Unicorn AMG GT (Reduced Again!) – Poll…at What Price Will it Sell?

I couldn’t resist.  The most expensive car in the CarMax inventory is a beautiful 2017 AMG GT with only 2,000 miles on it.  I once asked how recently purchased brand new cars show up on CarMax lots and the sales rep told me they are likely reposessions.  Bummer for them.  This Los Angeles car surfaced in July 2017 for $114,998, only to be reduced by a thousand a week later.  I saved it looking forward to adding it to the blog at some point when it vanished.  I was sad.  But last night it popped up again deeply discounted – to $109,998.  A four per cent drop in a month.  It only needs to drop another $75,000 to be in unicorn territory and I’ll pounce!   Reminds me of the 2013 CLS550 that showed up for $13,599.  I tried like hell to get the dealership to honor it but they wouldn’t.  Sigh.  SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 – BREAKING NEWS – PRICE REDUCED AGAIN TO $108,998!   September 12, 2017 – PRICE STILL PLUMMETING!   DOWN TO $107,998! September 18, 2017 – Reduced to $104,998.   AT WHAT PRICE WILL THIS CAR SELL?  Reduced $10,000 from first listing.  Getting closer to unicorn territory.  September 25, 2017 Update – The car is off the web.   Has it sold? Will it resurface somewhere else?  I’ll let you know.  

2017 AMG GT $114,998 2k

AMG GT 104