Mercedes Unicorns Part VIII – The S-Class, When Only The Best Will Do (W221)

Flagship.  Luxury.  Executive.  World class.  Call it what you want, the S-Class is the top of the line when it comes to big comfortable sedans.  Here’s what Car and Driver had to say, “For more than 50 years, S-class Benzes have been the most succulent sausages in the Teutons’ tray of vehicular sauerkraut.”  I wish I could write like that!  My S55 AMG was a W220-era behemoth that was the finest Mercedes offered in 2004 at $120,000.  I nailed it for $25,000 with MaxCare warranty.  I’m hoping someone else read this and drives home the finest car they’ve ever owned for Honda prices.  CarMax has 26 S550’s nationwide and seven that meet my unicorn standard of less than $35,000, less than 60,000 miles.  Below I’ve included a sample of what’s available as of late August, 2017.

Car and Driver Review – 2007 S Class

Motor Trend 2012 S Class Review

Here’s a pair of ridiculously low mileage S550’s in Florida and North Carolina. These cars are 9-10 years old with less than 3,000 miles driven yearly.  Pre-2012 they have the 382hp V8 and every luxury accessory you can think of.  Yes, they have the hideous hump back trunk but I can get over that for the right price.  There are always S550’s of this era for less than $30,000 but low mileage cars move fast.

S Class First Pair

At the top end of the S550 unicorns are these fine 2012 models, with the twin turbo V8 and top of the line safety and electronic gadgetry.  They are both high mileage – although 44,000 will still get you a 75,000 mile warranty minimum vice the 54,000 mile car which will require a 100,000 miler, but I find that to be typical of post 2012 models.  Sadly, both still have the big rump.

S Second Pair