Mercedes Unicorns Part VI – SL550 Triplets for the Rich and Famous Since 1954 (R230)

JR Ewing drove an SL roadster in his last film and you can too.  What began as the 300SL in 1954 grew to the fifth generation SL550 (R230) in 2001 until replaced by the current model SL in 2011.  We can’t afford the current model. They run $44-80,000 on CarMax.   But there are three that make my unicorn threshold (less than $35,000-less than 60,000 miles) as of late August 2017 and for an entry fee of $24,998 you can ride like JR.  The SL550 beat our the Porsche 911 and BMW 650 in Car and Driver review of 2007 below.  Car and Driver noted on the highway, “Very entertaining for a car so aloof in the city. Really comes alive.”  Unfortunately, they also wrote the SL was “like dancing with a fat lady. She can do it, but you won’t win any prizes.”  Doesn’t matter.  These cars have style and move quickly with a solid 382hp.   Car and Driver Review – 2007 SL550

I hate when I begin to write a blog and find the car I’m high on just vanished.  Today it’s the opposite – was preparing this section on SL550’s and the car on the left surfaced for the first time.  Higher mileage than I’d like but for under $25,000  you can get a bona fide Mercedes SL550.  It’s another California car with all the amenities money could buy….in 2007.  You’ll have to add your Bluetooth and rear view camera or maybe turn your own head to back up.  But the seat massagers will soothe you when you do.  And on the right is its twin – but a thousand dollars more and slightly higher miles.  I can’t spot any more options that would warrant the increase and offer it as an example of interesting CarMax pricing.

Pair of SL 9-26

Last we have the always difficult choice of miles versus dollars.  Another 2007 for almost $29,000, but it’s been driven only 2,500 miles yearly up in Michigan.  I’m presuming it was garaged winters.  I’m thinking you can be out the door for $35,000 with a MaxCare warranty for 50,000 or 75,000 more miles and have a slick SL covered bumper to bumper until the fall of 2022!

2007 SL550 $28,998 25k