Mercedes Unicorns Part VII – Four CLS Four Door “Coupes” (C219/W218)

The Mercedes CLS “Coupe” was introduced in 2005 and the shape was, to me, spectacular.  Some of my friends hated it.  Love or hate the bow, I think the Audi A7 and others have mimicked it.  The original design lasted through 2011 and in 2012 the body was sharpened and chiseled and the V8 motor beefed up from 382hp to a twin turbo 402hp.  The old and the new are sub-5 second 0-60 luxury cars that once sold for well over $75,000.  CarMax has almost 50 CLS coupes on the lots nationwide, of which nine meet my unicorn standard of less than $35,000 and 60,000 miles.  To keep it simple, here are two pre-2012 (C219) and two post-2012 (W218) models for your viewing pleasure.  I like the shape of the original and yet the power and modern electronics of the W218 are alluring.

Car and Driver Review 2007 CLS550

Car and Driver Review 2012 CLS550

The 2008 on the left is a bargain pure and simple.  Ridiculously low miles and priced at under $22,000 – where else can you drive in that kind of style so cheaply?!  It’s an Orlando, Florida car with pretty much everything you need for a nice long distance drive.  I drove coast to coast last week.  If I had this car I’d do it again tomorrow.  But I don’t expect the 2008 to be on the market tomorrow.  The car on the right is also a Florida car with relatively low miles – but it’s a newer 2011 and for that you get to pay another $6,000.  It’s been on the lot longer than I thought it would.  It’s the last year for the C219 – get ’em while you can!

CLS550 Pair 9-26

And then there’s the newer ones.  The 2012 looks mean with the black wheels but the 2013 is a little newer and few less miles.  At $33-35,000 they’re not cheap.  With a MaxCare warranty to take you another 50,000 miles of care free driving you’re probably looking at $40,000 out the door.  I’ve driven two and can attest that they are everything I needed them to be – except exclusive and cheap.  I see newer CLS coupes everywhere.  I also think for that much money I could buy something more unusual.  But if I owned one I would complain not at all!  Perhaps if I could score a 2012 with under 40,000 miles and under $30,000 I would consider it.  Until then I’ll wait for a CLS55 or CLS63 and get back into the 500hp club.

Pair of CLS550 2

And just for fun, here’s a screenshot of a MaxCare warranty offering for a 2013 CLS550.

CLS550 Maxcare