1 of 1400 – 2008 Mustang Bullitt. The streets of San Francisco are calling

Bullitt PhotoMore than just an appearance package, the 2008 recreation of Lt. Frank Bullitt’s car is fast and raw.  I tracked several that CarMax offered last fall and chickened out every time.  Most were $17-22,000 and were all low mileage – one with only 4,000 miles.  And as always, you can still get a 100,000 mile MaxCare on these 10 years old cars.  This one is high-mileage but pretty cheap.  And although over 5,000 were made in the more authentic green, the black ones are more rare.  Here’s the Motor Trend review from back in the day, and the CarMax link is here.  If the link is dead, the car is sold, on hold, or being transferred.  By the way, the 50th anniversary 2019 Bullitt will be out soon.  Wondering how true to the original it will be?2008 Bullitt $12998 106k

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