1 of 1400 – 2008 Mustang Bullitt. The streets of San Francisco are calling

Bullitt PhotoMore than just an appearance package, the 2008 recreation of Lt. Frank Bullitt’s car is fast and raw.  I tracked several that CarMax offered last fall and chickened out every time.  Most were $17-22,000 and were all low mileage – one with only 4,000 miles.  And as always, you can still get a 100,000 mile MaxCare on these 10 years old cars.  This one is high-mileage but pretty cheap.  And although over 5,000 were made in the more authentic green, the black ones are more rare.  Here’s the Motor Trend review from back in the day, and the CarMax link is here.  If the link is dead, the car is sold, on hold, or being transferred.  By the way, the 50th anniversary 2019 Bullitt will be out soon.  Wondering how true to the original it will be?2008 Bullitt $12998 106k

Prices Dropping? Unusual Number of Unicorn Alerts

Over the past 24 hours I’ve gotten emails alerting me to price reductions on five of the 43 cars* I have saved in my CarMax profile.  Not a lot – $601 per car, but in the year I’ve been tracking unicorns I’ve never gotten this many.  Curious….New Year’s sale (CarMax doesn’t do sales) or is this related to the massive increase in inventory I blogged about last month ( The $577 Million Car Loan and Other Fascinating CarMax “Analytics” ) .

*I have 110 cars in my profile but many are listed as “No Longer Available”.  I keep them because more than a few resurface in another city, or even a few have been sold back to CarMax and show up back on the market.  That’s how I knew the 2010 Jaguar XKR I declined in January 2017 sold in Maryland, and was traded in and offered again in Virginia in December for $1,000 more than last year!

Here’s the unicorns I’ve been alerted to today:

Mustang GT Price Drop

$17,998 – Stupid Low Mileage 2006 Mustang GT

 Link – If Dead Car Sold/Hold/Transferred

VW EOS Price Drop

$12,599 – Rare 250hp V6 VW EOS

CarMax Link – If Dead Car Sold/Hold/Transfer

PT Price Drop

$10,599 Low Mileage Retro Cruiser 

CarMax Link – If Dead Car Is Sold/Hold/Transferred

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Five Obscure Unicorns for $10-$24k……. or Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder?

Writing this post for my new friends at the Facebook page “Obscure Cars For Sale 2.0” who think like me.  There are unusual cars out there that somebody loves.  Here’s my first five CarMax “unicorns” aka Obscure Cars for Sale.  I hope you enjoy them.

2006 Ford Mustang GT 7k $18599 Cincy
How do you drive this car only 600 miles a year?

The only think obscure about this 2006 Mustang GT is the crazy low miles – 7,000!  It’s brand new inside and out, and priced the same as a Honda Civic and way more fun. Throw in a MaxCare warranty for about $2,000 and you can drive this car until 2023 – when it’s 17 years old – and another 143,000 miles without a repair bill.  It’s a 300hp V-8 in Cincinnati.  Love it. Here’s the link to the CarMax ad.  If it’s dead the car is either sold, on hold, or in transit to another dealer.  I’ll keep tracking it.

2008 VW Eos VR6 $12,998 58k
Do NOT call this a chick car!



It’s cute as a button, German, cheap, and has a convertible hard top.  But this little guy has the underappreciated VW-Audi 3.2 liter six-cylinder pumping out 250 hp.  It also has a DSG transmission.  What’s that you ask?  It’s a Direct Shift Gearbox, an electronically controlled dual clutch automatic designed by Porsche that snap shifts stupid fast.

This is a sleeper version of a Golf-R32.  Find this one-owner VW in Naperville, Ill and the CarMax page here.

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Be Careful What You Ask For – Surprise V10 Unicorns

One of my CarMax boilerplate searches I saved is for any V10’s that surface.  I get alerts occasionally for BMW M5’s and M6’s, but no longer Audi S6’s.  Not sure why CarMax no longer carries them but one can hope.  Today I got alerts for a pair of ten-year old V10’s.   Both are bargains.  One is for a ten-year old, 9,000 mile vehicle for $18,998.   Sounded like a bargain.  Maybe it is.  The second is a little more pricey at $28,998 with 45,000 miles.  Here you go.



The $577 Million Car Loan and Other Fascinating CarMax “Analytics”

Small 73000
The total cars on the lot around noon, November 18th 2017.  The numbers fluctuated by hundreds between the beginning and completion of this blog, rendering all my calculations estimates.

The CarMax nationwide inventory jumped from just over 40,000 cars in the summer of 2017 to over 73,000 today.  That’s the highest it’s been since I started tracking CarMax unicorns a year ago and it got me pondering on all things cosmic CarMax.  For example, that 33,000 plus-up in stock equals a staggering $577 million* investment in cars in just a few months.  I’m thinking like you and me, CarMax didn’t pay cash and owed somebody a helluva lot of money.  You think they get dealer financing? I’m thinking CarMax needs to move some cars and hoping there are more unicorns and lower prices!

*The average CarMax vehicle sells for $19,677 with a gross profit of $2,178, indicating a rough guess each car costing CarMax $17,489.  See “CarMax Reports Second Quarter Results, September 22, 2017″.

So I decided to do my own homemade “analytics” and dive deeper on what makes up an inventory of 73,000 cars.  CarMax knows what they’re doing, and I suspect their inventory largely reflects what America wants in a car.  So here’s what I learned. Continue reading “The $577 Million Car Loan and Other Fascinating CarMax “Analytics””

Five Quick Hits! BMW 650, CTS V, MX-5, Shelby, and a Corvette.

2006 Miata $13599 34k
Not sure if I’m most surprised by the price or the stupid low miles.  Yes it’s an automatic, but cute and cheap.

The CarMax Link – 2006 Miata

2007 CTS V Sedeqn $25,998 27k
This is a rare one!  Ten year old 400hp CTS V Sedan with driven less than $2,700 miles yearly.   

The CarMax Link – 2007 CTS V

2008 Mustang Shelby GT500 $27,998 47k
A 500hp beast for under $28,000!  Mileage is still low at 6,000 yearly.

The CarMax Link – 2008 Shelby GT500

2008 Corvette $28,998 9k
9,000 Miles? Why don’t these people drive their cars????!!!!

The CarMax Link – 2008 Corvette

2007 BMW 650 CiC $18,998 39k
Less than $20,000 for a BMW 650.  Horsepower a little low for me but a helluva lot of fun for the price and low miles.

The CarMax Link – 2007 BMW 650 CiC

Wild West Cars – Ponies and Bullitts

Ford Mustangs are growing on me.  Used to think they were overrated, underpowered and clumsy, and I never really got over how far they had fallen by the 1979 Mustang II. I drove one to the prom.  It was a bad night all around. But the 2005 retro Mustang nostalgically took me back to my childhood and 10 years later the sixth generation 2015 Mustang, with a modern independent rear suspension and 435hp really caught my eye with its sleek looks and high performance.  Mustangs at CarMax are plentiful – as I write there are 444 on the lots nationwide, and almost half of those are V8’s (and I only count V8’s as real Mustangs).  All Mustangs with V8’s are GT’s (well, except Bullitts).  The cheapest is $13,599 and 107,000 miles and the most expensive 2017 Shelby GT350 with 1,000 miles will set you back $59,998.  These are not unicorns.

But these Mustangs are.  Let’s take a quick walk around the stable with these two relatively normal Mustang unicorns. At the bottom end we have a 2006 Mustang GT convertible, with only 40,000 miles and a price tag of $15,998.   Cute car, 300hp, and a five second 0-60 run.  I drove one recently and was surprised that with “only” 300hp it roared and scooted well.  I thought it was going to be a dog but found it satisfactory, despite the solid axle I thought was made of wood.  Pretty sure you can score another five years, 60,000-85,000 mile MaxCare warranty for a few thousand and be out the door for under $20k.  You’ll almost be able to get vintage tags and still be under the MaxCare warranty!

And to show that not all my unicorns are old, at the top end we have a 2015 435hp beast with only 15,000 miles at $26,998.   This one is still under factory warranty and so the MaxCare plan will be less.    With a 0-60 of 4.4 seconds this stirs my soul.   These Mustang GT’s sold for $35-45,000 just two years ago, so $27k seems like a good deal but not the $100,000 discount I look for in my German cars.   But the 2015’s and up have an extensive array of technology and amenity upgrades that surprised me.    For the same price as a 2015 Mustang GT you can buy a five to seven-year older Corvette, with better performance, more panache, but dated interior.  It’s a real tough call.  Check out this review:

Car and Driver Review – 2015 Mustang GT

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