2008 Jaguar XJ8 – The Last of My Kind

Stole the title from Jason Isbell’s song.  This Jaguar has less than 3,000 miles annually, all in the Chicago area, a decent V8, and is one of about 44,000 made (X350 model I believe but no Jaguar expert).  I can’t find a more plush cruiser for $21k.  I considered one of these as there are very, very few carried by CarMax (one every few months) and the five year bumper to bumper warranty made me worry less about reliability, but my wife and daughter decreed it an old man’s car.  But what a nice ride.  Car makes me want to put a rod from coat hanger to coat hanger in the back seat, hang my wardrobe, and drive to Florida.  2008 Jaguar XJ8 Van Den Plas $20,998 27,000 miles