Hoarding Chevy SS’s?


As new 2017 Chevrolet SS models vanish from Chevy dealerships, and there will be no more (only imported from Australia 2014-2018) CarMax appears to be scarfing up the used ones. Normally 10-15 units nationwide, this week inventory jumped to 24 models. Love this car and it’s beefy V8. Will be a rare collector car soon!

Uber Unicorns Choices – Two Dozen Great CarMax Lyfts for $20,000 …..or So

If I needed a decent, unusual, reliable, or unreliable but cool car with a great warranty to go into business for über or Lyft, I would choose from this batch.   Welcome thoughts.

Land Rover and Jaguar XF
Big and Rich.  Your pickups will feel like celebrities in these V8 powered classy cars from the UK.
A pair of Mercedes – the E350 at $16k and it will last forever – S550 is pricey but oh so luxurious!
Audi and S550 72000 mi
White Knights – A pair of 72,000 mile German sedans – V6 and V8 powered.  
STS Town Car
Something more traditional? Big American sedans at a bargain price.
Marquis and Crown Vic - Bench Seats
Grandpa Uber – Big ol’ bench seat sedans! – Marquis and Crown Vic cousins.
Slow but Smart Impala Choices
Slow, but Impalas nonetheless.  The LT looks cop car.  The LS really well equipped (but a 4 cyl!)
Uber XL - SUV
Back to Big – A pair of XL’s.  The Hummer would be the baddest über ever.
Toyotas Big and Small
Toyotas Big and Small – Owned an Avalon once and loved it.  The Matrix makes sense.
Low Mileage - Regal and 300
Stupid low miles – beautiful baby Buick and a cheap Chrysler with a little 6 cylinder.
Sensible - Honda Accord and S80
Sensible Cars – a Volvo and Honda good for another 150,000 miles!
Acura TL and Genesis
Oddballs – Nobody knows what an RL is (they’re nice) or that Genesis’ are so luxurious.
Cooper and Sable
The cutest, a Mini, and the mysterious, a Mercury for $11k and less than 4,000 miles a year!

Welcome to the CarMax Unicorn Blog

Fiat and Me
Chuck Banks and Mia Sole

Here’s the short version – the details are in the pages above.  I was surprised to find that CarMax carries real driver’s cars, enthusiast’s cars, and has them at decent (for me) prices, with reasonable mileage, and offers spectacular extended bumper-to-bumper warranties that makes owning these cars affordable.  I call them “CarMax Unicorns”.  I am not affiliated in any way with CarMax and I suspect I’m one of their worst customers. Continue reading “Welcome to the CarMax Unicorn Blog”